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Milky Way Abandoned House 6793 A Praia do Camilo - Sunrise Praia do Camilo Diana in Gothenburg habour Milky Way and Stars Reflecting On Lake Kevin Venetian paths 177 Fondamenta Zorzi (Dorsoduro) Split Between Worlds Turpault A way up and a way down... Something from a dream Durdle Door Coal eats the future! Calme Stormy Mood _DSC0202 explored sérénité Milky Way Abandoned Farm 6827 A Walking by Trafalgar Square at night Epilogue Lone boats Milky Way Old Truck 6907 A Praia do Camilo Listening to music on the way home Venetian paths 174(Madonna della salute) Star Trails Cow Skull Fence Post 6917 B Venetian paths 173(San Giorgio Maggiore) Smooth Torrents Milky Way Sunflowers Mountains 7047 A Night Walk (MF Pro400H) Venetian paths 172(Rio di Santa Caterina)
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