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P2V-7B Neptune

P2V-7B Neptune

Valkenburg, 1960s.

P2V-7B Neptune 213 in an overall grey paint and in the first configuration. The nose contained four 20mm cannons.

Lockheed built only 15 P2V-7 Neptunes in this configuration, all for the Dutch Navy (MLD). The 'Nepfighters' (as they were called by the MLD) saw combat action in the early sixties in New Guinea against Indonesia. On 17 May 1962 a Neptune (number 207) shot down an Indonesian C-47 that was infiltrating. The plane ditched and the crew was rescued.

Later the glass nose was installed on all Neptunes, making them standard SP-2Hs.

Photo taken by my father.

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Photo taken @ Valkenburg Airport on 4 January 2019 (© Rob Schleiffert / Flickr)

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