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A Winter's Night (Moose Silhouette)

A Winter's Night (Moose Silhouette)

This photo is for the group Macro Mondays and this week the theme is "Redux 2017 - My Favorite Theme of the Year".

I'm not sure that this was my favorite theme but I thought that I wanted to give "Silhouette" from "June 5, 2017" another try. And now that I did it... I think I did worse than my first try (I included my photo from June 5th in the comment section... "Little Rubber Duck Silhouette).

In both silhouette photos I used a desk lamp covered with parchment paper. The camera was handheld in both and editing is very minimal (the software that came with the camera).

Guess I need a lot more practice!!

Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 31 décembre 2017 (© Lisa Zins / Flickr)

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