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20180819 Iwayado 1

2839ex afternoon with dad

Ant Lion. Myrmeleon hyalinus. Myrmeleontidae

In the rain...

In the Grass


Profile of Radja lying down

Stortinget, Nikon F

Fairmont Kea Lani

young california sea lion

Gosho-jinja Shrine in Kamakura : 鎌倉・五所神社・唐獅子の柱飾り

Wachsame Löwin im Zoo


Lion Portrait in Monochrome

9556ex lookout lioness

Next lioness portrait

DSC_3038 a (2)

Two lions

Lion just finished breakfast

Panthera Leo


Sumba relaxing in a funny position!

Lion karajishi sur le Niômon du temple Taiyuin (Nikko, Japon)

Coin Collector

Tête de lion

Nino, Female African Lion of Yokohama Zoological Gardens : アフリカライオンのニノ(よこはま動物園ズーラシア)



Nice lioness portrait

Lioness standing

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