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Olympia Metopes: Herakles’  First Labor Seal in the city... Sigiriya stairs Sri Lanka Sigiriya Rock Sri Lanka James Scott Memorial Fountain Mother and son lions Flanders giant in sunset IMG_1295 IMG_1319 IMG_1343 View of Sigiriya Sri Lanka Schlafender Löwe Tiergarten Schönbrunn Regentessebrug 4-Lions Bridge chasing a lion... ..short finals in humidity.. The Lion! Les chérubins et les lions, église abbatiale, monastère San Juan de Los Reyes (XVe), Tolède, Castille-La Manche, Espagne. DT-110 Elephants crossing the river for the afternoon commute GaiaZoo The pronunciation Les gardiens du porche, cathédrale Saint Georges (XIIe, XVIe), piazza della Cattedrale, Ferrare, Emilie-Romagne, Italie. A lions light meal Heraldic Bronze Lion ~ City Hall ~ Norwich UK ~ Monochrome Udine - ritratto Mumford Botswana 2004 A bronze fountain depicting Hercules wearing the Nemean lion skin in Arles, France Time Out! Watching
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