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Pretty Please Mesmerizing Gaze Fed Up Wilkes Barre  Pennsylvania  ~ Stegmaier Brewery Building - Vintage Lions Tree climbing Proudly Guarding Leadership: strong but sensitive The King of the Jungle couldn't resist a yawn or maybe a sneeze @ #IndianapolisZoo. IMG_6935 IMG_6763 IMG_6759 IMG_6725 And You Ain't Got the Courage to Leave Nelle fauci del predatore Satisfied Sunning Sea Lions Mähne. Another day in the Masai Mara Funny mbali showing his tongue! Mbali in a nice light Who's there? a mooch Everything the light touches is my kingdom Mbali approaching Mbali with one of his wives Petit coeur Claws Lion Blijdorp Rotterdam 3D Kalika yawning Determined and walking Lion
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