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Waiting for the light .. London Telephone Box in traffic the joy of sunrise After Dark - Hudson Yards, New York City I felt giddy Tower Bridge at night Blanket foggy The city at night - Chelsea, New York City Venetian paths 156(Good morning Venice) Living on the High Line - Chelsea, New York City The City That Never Sleeps_bw : ) (bw or color?? : )) The Aurora Borealis - Ivalo, Lapland - Travel photography On the wrong side - High Line, New York City Venetian paths 155(San Pantalon) Running amongst passing cars - Course entre les voitures quai Voltaire Elba Island - Porto Azzurro by night (Tri-X in RLS and Diafine) Delfshaven Zaha Hadid Building - High Line, New York City Matadero Trafalgar Square 14 Lake Lookout Where is my mind? Trafalgar Square blurred Urban shapes & reflections - New York City Tower Bridge Traffic Urban path (Dusk) - New York City Skyline Reflections - New York City Venetian paths 149(Fonda. Minotto Santa Croce) Alkmaar
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