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Red, White & Bow A Game Of Jacks G08A3345.jpg G08A3354.jpg Sunny day. Conchousness Weymans Snuff Jar (Circa-1822-1870) Canadian Raven Totum Pole Perplexed Fashion Square, Scottsdale, Arizona Sundown in Scottsdale, Arizona Don't ask. I don't know. The High Line Egg In The Box-HSoS! Playing Games G08A3268.jpg G08A3275.jpg G08A3284.jpg G08A3289.jpg G08A3292.jpg G08A3297.jpg G08A3302.jpg G08A3308.jpg G08A3314.jpg G08A3321.jpg G08A3324.jpg G08A3340.jpg Red Velvet Jewelry Box Open Mic
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 macro, nikon, canon, diy, strobist, light, red, box, flash, studio
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