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1_DSC9602 Persuasiveness Hanoi Train Track 5_DSC6158 Vanderbilt's Chromis - Chromis vanderbilti Official Abolition of the Rule of Thirds 4_DSC6166 Winter Choreography 2_DSC9805 Bluepatch Parrotfish, initial phase - Scarus forsteni Balance Striped Surgeonfish - Acanthurus lineatus 7_DSC3690 The survivor Zen Sunrise O Lord, Your Creation Points To You As The Creator! How Magnificent Are Your Hands That Created All Things. (EXPLORED) To the fire. Mushrooms on dead wood Autumn song The twilight of the life In Color Kalewa, Myanmar Retirement club DRD160807_0122 Tunnel of life To my godmother Walking on the Bridge Toronto Ontario Canada ~ Confederation Life Building ~ Heritage Building Camino al mar
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 nature, green, light, people, love, street, black, city, still, macro
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