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Homes of Isabela's residents in front of the sea. All these houses have a family restaurant in the water line. Dog sleeping in the breeze, Isabela de Sagua Family saying bye-bye at Santa Clara Airport View_of_a_busy_street_in_Matanzas_Cuba Santa Clara MiniZoo, Cuba 2016 Manicaragua, Villa Clara, Cuba 2016 Manicaragua, Villa Clara, Cuba 2016 Manicaragua, Villa Clara, Cuba 2016 Busto en columna de Don Ramón Solís por el escultor español Don Resituto del Canto y el Colegio Apostolado. Parque Independencia, Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara, Cuba 2019 Iglesia Presbteriana Reformada, 1952 Europa Bar in a corner of Arcadas and the Pedestrian Boilevard Part 2 - Hotel Los Pinos, where I first stayed in these mountains back in 1990's - Topes de Collantes National Park and Reserve. Cuba, 2018 One leg up all the time Xmas trees - First days of 2017's winter season Yoga Classes - Magmic's 15th Anniversary Pelo suelto y carretera - Somewhere in Sagua municipality Glebe during a snow storm City after the last week of precipitation Another car rental place we visited but had no cars to rent :-( Main road connecting Santa Clara to northern cities Armored train monument and National Main Line (looking to the east) Russian tractor Introducing Perry; my mom's rescue dog Far away, and blurry dog across the falling  flakes Marion Dewar Plaza Bully does the Rideau River trail Tamalada so yummy yet so difficult Some of the many Despedida en el Aeropuerto de Santa Clara Hotel Los Helechos
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