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Winter day on Manchester Farm They're off! 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' Moment of clarity Right back at you Resting in the shade after jumping under the sun It's famous—in a state world famous for fried chicken Thoroughbred farm off Old Frankfort Pike Kentucky Horse Park street sign ornament Kentucky Front Porch Sequence I: Dawn Kentucky Front Porch Sequence II: Morning Kentucky Front Porch Sequence III: Midday Raven Run Over the Kentucky River Bellerophon rides Pegasus Tight turn A green man rides on the Red Mile The levitating devil horse Recumbent Statue by Edward Valentine, Lee Chapel, Lexington, VA, 2019 106th Street Towards West 106th Street East St. Cecilia @ 106th Street 106th Street Lexington and 106th Street On the American back burner My, what long horns you have (Take 2) Lincoln in Lexington Intellectually I know life goes on, but all I can do right now is curl in a ball and hide I see you finally decided to name names My, what long horns you have Lady Longhorn McBessy
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