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n112_w1150 n24_w1150 Noctuidae Noctuinae>Agrotis Cutworm moth DSCF3755 veined swallowtail n294_w1150 unknown moth Tolype sp., Lasiocampidae? Butterfly 12 bug of the day Saturniid Moth, Othorene purpurascens? Nine-spotted moth. Amata phegea Saltmarsh Skipper. Panoquina panoquin Reikirt's Blue amouris damocloes bug of the day Harlequin Imperial Moth (Eacles imperialis - 7704) Endotricha flammealis Melitaea cinxia Hypena rostralis (Linnaeus, 1758) Moth Slug Moth Caterpillar, Limacodidae Skipper on Morning Glory Moth Hawk Moth, Manduca sp., Sphingidae Disturbed Tigerwing - Mechanitis polymnia 1 sophus forester Pieridae>Belenois java teutonia Caper White butterfly Mating DSCF5500 Moth Larva - Olceclostera sp? Saturniid Moth, Citheronia sp.
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