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The Wave Breaker

The Wave Breaker

My entry in the No Bley contest for this year's Summer Joust. Big ups to Soccerkid, Littlejohn, and the 9 judges for hosting!

Abelforth sails across the Frothy Sea onboard the Wave Breaker, swift and sturdy. He seeks an audience with The King in the Castle, with troubling news from the border forts: skeletal armies have been mobilizing in greater numbers, bold enough even to make attacks on the Crown's keeps. Abelforth has brought a bodyguard of Royal Marines to accompany him.

Off the bow, a great wave rises, threatening to throw the crew of the little craft overboard!

P.S. unfortunately, I am without my white sheet, which I usually use to take photos :( All well!

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Photo taken on 3 July 2019 (© Flounder's Bricks / Flickr)

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