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Super Man Stories "Luthor's Agents"

Super Man Stories

=====Metropolis City=====
Lois Lane: This is Lois Lane reporting to you live from North Metropolis where two individuals are causing chaos.

[Superman hovers next to Lois]

Superman: Ma’am please get out of here, these criminals are dangerous.

[Superman flies towards the destruction]

Lois: Superman! Superman! There he goes folks, again to save the day.

[Superman lands next to a man with Grey skin punching a building]

Superman: What are you doing?
Solomon Grundy: Said you come if we break things.
Superman: Excuse me?
Grundy: Said it draw out.

[A sonic scream smashes Superman into the side of a building]

Silver Banshee: Hello Superman. We’ve been hired to kill you.

[Superman hovers next to her]

Superman: May I ask who?

[Banshee screams him to the ground]

Superman: That’s some nice po-

[Grundy punches Superman in the head]

Grundy: Stop talking so much!
Superman: You got it!

[Superman smashes Grundy into the ground and he stops moving]

Banshee: Grundy!

[She screams at Superman who seems unphased. He then blasts his heat vision at the side of her boot causing her to fly all over the place and crash]

Banshee: You bitch!

[She starts to shoot at Superman with her wrist guns]

Superman: Is that supposed to hurt?
Banshee: You...you’re fucking invincible!
Superman: I’m the Man of Steel y'know.
Banshee: Fine then.

[Banshee begins to charge up her wrist blaster and shoots a large laser at a nearby building and it begins to fall over]

Banshee: Stop us or save them!

[Superman rushes to the building to prevent it from falling over]

Banshee: I’ll be seeing you again Superman and next time I will kill you.

[She picks up Grundy and flies awkwardly to a nearby rooftop]

=====That Night on the News=====
Lois Lane: More on the story that I reported on earlier today. Superman stopped two mega criminals known as Silver Banshee and Solomon Grundy. Now we are left with the question, what can we expect next?

[The TV turns off]

Lex Luthor: What can they expect next? They can expect Superman’s equal to finally take him down. On his own.

[Lex looks at his power suit]


Now you may be asking yourself "Olliver what the hell are you doing?" "I thought you wrote Batman."

And to you I say yes, yes I do, but I've wanted to write little snippets of other existing super heroes that is canonical with Batman Years.

Where do these fall canonically? Well I'll write these either between or in the middle of the year. If it's between, it belongs to its predecessor. If it's in the middle then its a part of the current year.

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Photo taken on 2 September 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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