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Río Hurtado-Class Fluyta

Río Hurtado-Class Fluyta

The RAN Río Hurtado, the Flagship of the Río Hurtado-Class and Flagship of the 1st Light Armada. Seen above in the General 1927 Livery 12b5.

The historic lands of Andacollo had remained under the influence of many different cultures and peoples throughout history. A major overseas slave and spice-trading group during the Age of Sail, they were by no means a powerless people. Always a minority in the crossfires between different superpowers, their King Philip, who had been given regional autonomy, spearheaded a nationalistic uprising, and they won their right to a nation of their own in the year 1897 following the drawn-out Andacolloan Rebellions and the short and decisive Andacollan victory of the Battle of Río Negra. And thus, the Estado Independiente de Andacollo was born.

With their fledgling nation gaining national recognition only post-Great War, the Andacolloans needed a navy to protect their numerous coasts and overseas ventures. Thus, the Admiralty, set to work contracting out the building of ships to numerous shipyards and foundries. The ship to make up a large part of their fleet would be the Río Hurtado-Class Fluyta. A Fluyta being a scaled-up version of the Kalonaser-produced class of Aviso. At a median length, it had modest armament of eight 6" guns, making up for that with long range, high speed, and three reconnaissance planes able to be stored in a hangar within the ship. Designed less for proper surface engagements like its smaller cousin the Aviso, it was mainly used as a show of power to the numerous overseas colonies and and for reconnaissance duties. With the first coming out of the docks in October 1926, the Fluytas quickly became the mainstay of the Royal Andacolloan Navy's bluewater fleet.

Its total list of features are as follows:
Primary Armament: Eight 6" (15cm) KL/6m guns, in double-mount turrets
Armor: 22mm all-around, 5cm-thick hangar, 7cm-thick citadel
Torpedoes: Six 22" Torpedoes, in triple-mounts
Anti-Aircraft: Six 40mm Luis L.19 Anti-aircraft guns, Four 12.5mm Lourning HMG Anti-aircraft guns
Other: 4x Depth-Charge Throwers, carries up to 32 depth charges
3x Reconnaissance seaplanes, with elevator into armored hangar

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Thanks a shitton to Awe and Seabass for help with this thing, it's been kinda fun to build once I got a hang of it.

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Photo taken on 12 June 2019 (© Top Leaf / Flickr)

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