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LEGO Spider-Ham

LEGO Spider-Ham

Peter Porker was born a spider. He resided in the basement lab of May Porker, a slightly goofy animal scientist who had created "the world's first atomic powered hairdryer". In the experiment, May Porker accidentally irradiated herself, and in a fit of delusion, bit Peter, who then found himself transformed into an anthropomorphic swine much like May Porker herself. Running from the Porker homestead disoriented, Peter soon came to realize that he still retained a spider's abilities. Peter became super hero and claimed the name “Spider-Ham” in his own Earth-8311 (Spider-Verse). I enjoyed the movie with my friend “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” recently. “Spider-Ham” is unique, humor superhero and I built the character for fun.

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Photo taken on 8 May 2019 (© alanboar / Flickr)

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