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Шуноцов-Class Ironclad

Шуноцов-Class Ironclad

KIN 'Коммодор Сайпзй' [Admiral Saipei], in the new KIN Standard Fleet Livery

The Шуноцов [Shunotsov] Class of Master Ironclads, were the extension of a Manqing-era project for a heavily armed, heavily armoured, but still decently fast, ironclad warship. Featuring three barbette turrets, each armed with two 12" guns on disappearing mounts, and a copious amount of 4" secondaries, it is possibly the most well-armed ship in the Khobarovsk Imperiyal Navy. However, possibly its most interesting feature is its ability to transport two D-Class Torpedo Boats on its further reaches. Thus it acts as a sort of tender, allowing for torpedo support from smaller ships in calm seas.

Ironclad P&Q
11" Guns (+1)
4" Secondaries (0)
6" Armor (+1)
17 Kn Speed (0)

Ram (0)
Low Freeboard (-1)
Greek Accountant (-1)[*1.1]

Cost: 990₪
Speed: 4 Tiles/Week
Range: 6 Tiles

Torpedo Boat P&Q
2" Guns (0)
3 Torpedo Tubes (0)
Aux: Nil (0)
28 Kn Speed (0)

Jewish Accountant (+1)[/1.1]
Low Freeboard (-1)

Cost: 181₪
Speed: 5 Tiles/Week
Range: 2 Tiles

Inspired by the Chinese Ironclads Dingyuan and Zhenyuan
Thanks to Ian for patience with me concerning Blender.
TB PnQ is just until I get a full photo up.

Alrights kids, it's Blender Time.

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Photo taken on 11 April 2019 (© Top Leaf / Flickr)

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