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Авро́ра-Class Cruiser

Авро́ра-Class Cruiser

The KIN Авро́ра, as seen in East Fleet Livery

The Авро́ра-Class [Aurora] of 1st rate cruisers became the medium-weight mainstay of the KIN, in part due to its high speed, large volume of fire, and excellent on-board damage prevention and control measures. Whilst not nearly as heavily-gunned as other nations' navies, it features a higher volume of guns and a rifled, long-range 7" gun which is still competitive with other navies' 8" or smoothbore 10" guns in respect to range. A modest but still competitive 3" of deck armor is also one of its main components. It also had three torpedo tubes, one at the bow just above the waterline, and the two others underwater. While not often used, its masts have been and are capable of being used with sails for an auxiliary power source during cruising duties.

7" guns (-1)
3 Torpedoes (-1)
3" Armor (0)
25 Kn (+2)

Expert Damage Control (+1)
Ram (0)
Auxiliary Sails (0) {*1.5}
Longitudinal Bulkhead (-1)

Cost: 500₪
Speed: 5 Tiles/week
Range: 15 Tiles

Based extremely heavily upon the Russian navy ship of the same name, currently in St. Petersburg as a museum ship

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Photo taken on 11 May 2019 (© Top Leaf / Flickr)

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