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Bei'Kyo-Class Cruiser

Bei'Kyo-Class Cruiser

Bei'Kyo-Class Cruiser, the Jyu'Kyo, as seen in South Pyumon Fleet Livery

The flagship of the early Manqing Navy, the Bei'Kyo-Class of Protected Cruisers were the heaviest ships commissioned before the No'Yuan-Class of Ironclads. Boasting a powerful armament of ten 8" guns [a much improved and refined design based on the previous Model 1886 8" Gun as used on the Pei'Xin-Class], six of which are in open broadside barbettes and four are stationed in dual-gun turrets, as well as seven 3" guns, and two traversable torpedo tubes rear-mounted. It also features a very odd propeller arrangement, which was found to be the only way to reach the navy's required commission speed of 25 Knots. However, its development was mishandled by corrupt and uncaring officials, delaying development of the fully armored version and increasing the total cost of construction. With the increase in power of the guns, however, it was found that a cruder source of gunpowder was needed, resulting in much more smoke produced.

Guns: 8" (0)
Torps: 2 (-2)
Armor: 5" (+2)
Speed: 25 Kn (+2)

Ram (0)
Greek Accountant (-1)[*1.1]
No Smokeless Powder (-1)

Cost: 550₪
Speed: 5 Tiles/Week
Range: 11 Tiles

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Photo taken on 21 March 2019 (© Top Leaf / Flickr)

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