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Batman Year Three: Part 8 "Objections"

Batman Year Three: Part 8

Batman: Joker!

[Batman takes a step towards Kite Man]

Olliver Simmones: No! I got him.
Batman: Joker, this is enough! You’ve hurt too many people!
Joker: Someone doesn’t know how to keep there mouth shut! Mo!

[Movinci lifts his hammer, but gets blasted on his side by Olliver knocking him over]

Joker: Looks like we’re going to have to continue this somewhere else doll!
Harley: Whatever you say puddin’!

[Joker and Harley run up the stairs]

Robin: Go!
Batman: But-
Robin: I said go!

[Robin begins to beat the shit out of Eraser and Zebraman]

Batman: Stay safe.

[Batman runs up the stairs to the roof]

Robin: You piece of shit!
Eraser: Gotta do what you gotta do!
Zebra Man: The dominant survive!

[He pulls Robin’s ecrisma sticks out of his hands]

Robin: How?
Zebra Man: My secret!

[He launches the sticks at Robin, who easily dodges them and upper cuts Zebra Man]

Robin: I’m tired- of you- stupid- ass- villains!

[Press - to punch]

Eraser: Jacob!

[Eraser points his gun at Robin, but a Batarang flies into is wrist]
Eraser: Gah!
Batgirl: NO one messes with my fucking boyfriend!

[She kicks him in the head knocking him out]

Robin: Thanks...babe.

[Batgirl blushes under her cowl]

=====The Rooftop=====
Joker: Where’s my pilot? Oh wait he’s on the other rooftop! *HAHAHA*
Harley: Are you kiddin’ me?

[Joker slaps Harley]

Joker: Don’t talk back to me swine!
Harley: O...Okay p-puddin…
Batman: Joker!

[Joker pulls out his gun]

Joker: Stay right there Bats! My love and I will be making our escape.
Batman: Love you say? That sounds odd.
Joker: Now why would you say a thing like that?
Batman: Why would she fall in love with you?
Harley: Because he loves me! He trusted me with his feelings and we understood each other. Like no one else did!
Batman: Sounds an awful like his other psychiatrists.
Harley: What… You’re lying!
Batman: I don’t think so. Joker was in Arkham for 2 months before you showed up. You don’t think that he wouldn’t have had a psychiatrist before that?
Harley: Stop! (Crying) You’re lying!
Joker: Shut up Batman!

[Bruce throws a batarang in Joker’s thigh causing him to drop to the ground]

Batman: I could be lying, but the Arkham data banks say otherwise.

[Bruce tosses Harley the tablet and she starts tapping at the screen]

Joker: Harley… don’t listen to him!

[Joker stands up gripping his thigh]
Joker: Puddin?

[Harley drops the tablet and looks at him with tears in her eyes]

Harley: You...you lied to me. I thought you loved me!
Joker: I do! Don-

[Harley smacks him with her bat and he falls back down]

Harley: You never loved me! You only took advantage of my misery!

[Harley kicks him in the head and raises her Bat to smash his head]

Batman: Harley! Justice, not vengeance.

[Harley doesn’t move]

Olliver: Don’t do it Harley.

[Olliver walks onto the roof with Robin]

Harley: I...I…

[Harley drops the bat and falls to her knees crying.]

Batman: Who are you?
Olliver: My name is Olliver, I’m a technician here at Arkham… I worked with her.

[Olliver kneels next to Harley]

Olliver: Harley.. You okay?
Harley: *Whispering* I thought he loved me… I was an idiot to think that anyone would.
Olliver: Don’t say that, people do love you.
Harley: Who would! I was a fucking nerd that was always the goody two shoes… no one loved me...why would he?

[Joker stands up]

Joker: Harley… you’re a bitch.

[Batman knocks Joker out]

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Photo taken on 31 August 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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