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Batman Year Three: Part 7 "Wedding Bells?

Batman Year Three: Part 7

[The Group is walking towards Joker’s gathering]
Robin: So where do you think he is?
Kite Man: The most logical place I can think of is the Psychiatric Ward.
Batgirl: What makes you say that?
Eraser: When they were building this place, they kinda cheaped out there. The walls are collapsible which would make it the largest room in the building.
Batman: Which is why he’s calling it the chapel. That makes since actually.
Robin: What do you mean?
Batman: I found a tablet in Riddler’s “office”. He has files on everyone in Arkham...including Joker and someone named Harley Quinn.
Kite Man: Harley Quinn? That sounds a lot like Harleen Quinzel, Joker’s psychiatrist.
Batman: It looks like someone disabled the cameras as well.
Batgirl: That’s...interesting. Should we turn them back on?
Batman: No. The less proof of us the better.
Batgirl: Oh...okay.

[Batman keeps looking at the tablet as they walk towards the Ward.]

Kite Man: Alright guys, this is it...Joker should be behind-

[Batman kicks the door open]

Kite Man: What is with you guys and kicking open doors?
Joker: Olliver! Play the music!
Olliver Simmones: Y-You got it boss.

[Olliver presses a button on his phone and music begins to blare]

Joker: Dun, du, dun dun, *ahhahahaha* I love weddings!
Robin: Wedding?
Joker: Here comes the bride!

[Harley Quinn comes out of a nearby door]

Joker: O darling! I love that bow tie of yours!
Harley Quinn: Thank yah puddin’! I like yours too!
Joker: Quiet Harley! I’m trying to talk to our guests! You are all so dressed...but at the same time under dressed. Bah! It doesn’t matter! Batman get up here! You’re my best man.
Batman: You’re insane.
Joker: Now, now, now Batsie! Another slip of the tongue and our hostage...excuse me, guest gets it.

[Movinci throws his hammer between his hands]
Batman: Fine.
Robin: We can take him, don’t do it.

[Batman turns and looks at Robin, then he walks next to Joker]

Joker: Now...how do we get married?
Harley Quinn: We need a pastor dear.
Joker: Right, a pastor! You!

[He points at Robin]

Joker: You’re the pastor! And you!

[He points at Batgirl]

Joker: You’re my doll’s best woman!
Robin: Um...

[Batman nods and Dick walks over with Babs]

Joker: And you two! Who are you and why are you here?
Olliver Simmones: And why are you wearing my suit?
Kite Man: Wait this is your suit?
Olliver Simmones Lee: Yeah.
Kite Man: Dude this is amazing!
Olliver Simmones: I know right! It’s so fucking cool!
Joker: I said, who are you?
Kite Man: I’m Kite Man.
Joker: Who?
Kite Man: Legendary outlaw!
Joker: *Hahahahahahaha* Oh that’s a good one!
Kite Man: C'mon man…
Joker: Why are you two here?
Kite Man: We’re here to stop you!

[Eraser points his gun at Movinci]

Joker: Stop me? Playing hero are we?
Kite Man: No. We just want to kill you.
Joker: I think you mean you.
Kite Man: What?
Joker: Leonard, now's your time!

[Leonard points his gun at Kite Man and shoots him in the stomach]
Olliver: No! You said that there would be no killing!
Robin: Charles…

[Leonard kneels next to Kite Man]

Kite Man: (Coughing and sputtering blood) Lenny...why? We were…*coughs* we were friends…
Eraser: Sorry Charles, but you just never knew when to shut your mouth.
Kite Man: Fuck… you…
Eraser: You too buddy.

[Eraser pats his shoulder and points his gun at Batman]

Olliver: I...I gotta save him.

[Olliver slides next to Kite Man and presses a button on his suit]

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Photo taken on 1 September 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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