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Batman Year Three: Part 6 "The King"

Batman Year Three: Part 6

Kite Man: Can I make a request?
Robin: Um...sure?
Kite Man: Well actually it's two...See Lenny is still kinda in ice…
Batgirl: Oh yeah we never finished saving him.
Eraser: Yeah I’m still here!
Kite Man: Calm down Lenny!
Eraser: Calm down? My dick has been frozen solid for 20 minutes!
Kite Man: God, we’re coming!

[The trio get Eraser out of the ice]

Eraser: Agh… Sorry for being a douche…
Robin: Eh don’t mention it… have to imagine that being frozen in ice sucks.
Kite Man: Well now that that’s done… We need to go to the Armory.
Batgirl: You think we’re just gonna take you to the armory. I mean we put you in jail.
Kite Man: Look just because you put us in jail, doesn’t mean we’re pricks. Right Lenny?
Eraser: Yeah.
Kite Man: We’ll help you after you help us get our gear. Sound good?
Robin: Why would we need your help?
Kite Man: To stop the Joker duh. That guy’s a total prick. Didn’t even invite us!
Robin: Invite you to what?
Kite Man: I...I don’t know actually. The inmates have been murmuring something about a chapel.
Robin: There’s a chapel at Arkham?
Kite Man: Well...no not really. Though I have a few ideas where we may find him.
Robin: ...I don’t like it, but you’re our best bet to find the joker.

[The group walks towards the armory]

Kite Man: This is it.

[He tries to open the door but it’s locked]

Kite Man: How do we-

[Robin kicks the door off its hinges and Condiment King, Crazy Quilt, and King Tut turn around]

Crazy Quilt: Charles?
Kite Man: Dekker?
Eraser: Tut?
Condiment King: Daddy!

[Everyone looks at Condiment King]
Eraser: Is that mayo on your costume?
Robin: I don’t think that’s mayo.
Batgirl: *vomits*
KIng Tut: That’s besides...Wait really Buddy?...
Condiment King: You know how hard it is to get girls when you’re the fucking Condiment King?
King Tut: Fair point… Anyway, what do you four want?
Kite Man: We’re gonna get our gear back and go kick Joker’s ass.
King Tut: Ooo, now see. That’s where we have our problem. We’re going to join him, so people actually take us seriously.
Crazy Quilt: I thought you were the mighty King Tut.
King Tut: Nah...I stopped believin’ that shit like 10 years ago.
Crazy Quilt: Oh…
King Tut: Anyway…

[Tut turns around and picks up his staff]

King Tut: You’re in our way.
Batgirl: But we never said we were going to fight you.
King Tut: I...shut up…

[King Tut shoots them back through the doorway with sand]

King Tut: Now we’ll be on our leave

[They walk off, but are stopped when Condiment King starts shaking uncontrollably and falls to the ground]

Crazy Quilt: Buddy!

[They turn around to see Robin pointing his ecrisma stick at Tut]

Robin: You’re not leaving.

[Robin gets in a few blows on Tut’s staff, but is thrown against the wall by more sand]

King Tut: I said, we were leaving.
Batgirl: No, you’re not.

[Batgirl drops Quilt with two hits, but is pushed into the ceiling]

King Tut: God why was I even working with them.
Kite Man: Hey Nerd!

[Kite Man crashes into King Tut]
King Tut: Kite Man?!
Kite Man: Hell Yeah.

[A Blast of sand comes through the wall, but Kite Man easily flies over it and gets a few hits on King Tut]

Kite Man: Whoevers gear this is had style.
King Tut: Shut it!

[Several blasts of sand try to shoot Kite Man down but all fail]

Kite Man: Face it Tut! You can’t catch me!
King Tut: Actually you’re right where I want you.

[A small coil of sand grabs Kite Man by the leg, crawls up his body, and starts to choke him]

Kite Man: Gah! tUT we w- ehhh…

[A Batarang flies into his staff and explodes]

King Tut: No!

[Robin, Batgirl, and Kite Man drop to the floor]

King Tut: What happened?
Batman: NO one messes with my family...and Kite Man.

[Batman drops King Tut and Robin stands up]

Robin: B-Bruce?
Batman: Robin...I said...wait there.
Robin: Yeah, yeah.

[Robin shakes Batgirl’s shoulder and brings her to her feet]

Robin: You okay Babs?
Batgirl: Yeah...I’m good.
Kite Man: I’m here too yknow.
Batman: Why are you here?
Kite Man: I’m working with you sidekicks here.
Robin: Actually it’s partners.
Batman: Excuse me?
Robin: Yeah we’re partners. And TOGETHER we’re going to stop the Joker and Kite Man is gonna take us there.
Kite Man: I am?
Robin: You said you were.
Kite Man: Oh right...Let’s go!

[Robin glares at Batman as he follows Kite Man]

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Photo taken on 31 August 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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