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Batman Year Three: Part 5 "Shocking Reprecussions"

Batman Year Three: Part 5

???: There he is!

[A blast of lighting knocks Batman against the wall]

Mime: Pick em’ up!

[Two Joker goons pick up Batman]

Mime: Batman, Batman, Batman...You’ve been causing lots of trouble for my employer. You’re taking out everybody on his guest list.
Batman: Guest lis-

[Mime electrocutes Batman again]

Mime: Shut up. You two! Make it quick.
Goon #1: You got it, ma’am!

[Goon #1 lifts up his gun to Batman’s head, but Batman breaks free, takes the gun and throws it at Mime’s head]

Mime: Mother Fucker!

[Goon #2 lifts his gun, but Batman kicks him square in his gut, causing him to fall over. He then throws Goon #1 Over Mime’s head]

Mime: God! They can’t do anything on their own!

[Mime lifts her hands and shoots at Batman again, but he lifts up his cape and all of the electricity starts to fly off in all directions]

Mime: God I should’ve listened to the boss. You’re hard to kill
Batman: You bet your ass I am!

[Batman slowly walks towards Mime causing her own electricity to lick her skin.]

Mime: Agh...agh...You bitch! Stop!

[Batman lunges forward getting in a few hits, but Mime gets in a blast knocking him against the wall]

Mime: Would you just die!

[Mime begins to blast him once more, but Batman throws a Batarang which carries the electricity straight to her flesh, electrocuting and knocking her out]

Batman: …

[He looks down at his burnt suit]

Batman: Looks like I’ll be needing that new suit soon…*hehe* ...what would I do without Lucius…

[He looks down at Mime and picks up her gloves]

Batman: I could use these...

[He then notices a tablet on a nearby desk and picks it up]

Batman: This was the Riddler's tablet.

[The intercom turns on]

Joker: Batsie old chum! You’ve caused me some mighty trouble...I’ve nearly run out of guests! *Hahhahaha* So I’m gonna need a favor… I need you to come to the chapel.
Batman: There’s no chapel at Arkham Joker.
Joker: Only if you believe that there’s no chapel *HAHAHAHA*! See you soon!

[The Intercom turns off]

Batman: Joker…

[Batman hears a loud crashing sound from the other side of the building]

Batman: Oh god...

I apologize for the shortness of this issue. I’m just trying to converge the plots y'know home dawg?

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Photo taken on 26 August 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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