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Batman Year Three: Part 4 "Unfinished Business"

Batman Year Three: Part 4

=====Arkham Asylum : Recreational Center=====
[Batman walks through the door]

Riddler: Ah you solved my simple Riddle. How “smaaaart” of you.
Batman: Let them go!

[Batman steps closer and Riddler cocks his gun and points it at a hostage’s head]

Riddler: Tut, tut Batman… that would be cheating! You’re playing by rules now.

[Batman stops moving]

Riddler: Good boy! That deserves a treat!

[Riddler throws a dog treat at Batman’s feet[

Batman: You’re insane.
Riddler: Quite contraire! I am the smartest man in this room and I’m about to prove it! There are five checkpoints with five riddles. For every one that you complete you can move forward. Even an idiot like yourself can understand that right?
Batman: Empty one bullet out of your gun.
Riddler: I don’t think your in the position to make demands.

[Riddler waves his gun at the hostages]

Batman: Considering that you’re so high and mighty… A handicap would surely do nothing to benefit me.
Riddler: I’m listening.
Batman: For everyone I get right. You fire a shot in the air.
Riddler: Interesting… I’ll stump you regardless… and it will only make my victory sweeter...deal!

[Riddler empties one bullet out of his 6-shooter]

Batman: And he loses the gun too.
Zodiac Master: What?!
Riddler: Drop it Zodiac.
Zodiac Master: You can’t be ser-
Riddler: I said DROP IT!

[Zodiac drops his gun]

Riddler: Good! Now first riddle! This is an easy one… gotta have some fun before I stump you now don’t I? “What won’t run long without winding?”
Batman: ...A river.
Riddler: I guess you do have a brain!

[Riddler shoots one bullet in the ceiling]

Hostage: (muffled screaming)
Riddler: Quite!

[Riddler whips the hostage with his pistol]

Riddler: You may advance.

[Batman walks to the next strip of duct tape]

Riddler: Riddle #2! “We're five little items of an everyday sort; you'll find us all in 'a tennis court'
Batman: Vowels.
Riddler: Hehehe...that...that was an easy one as well. No wonder you got it.

[Riddler shoots in the air again and Batman steps forward]

Riddler: Time for a change of difficulty! Riddle #3! “What has neither nails or bones, but has four fingers and a thumb”
Batman: ...
Riddler: Stumped are we? Maybe you need a little motivation!

[Riddler holds up his gun to a hostage’s head]

Batman: Glove.
Riddler: (whispering) How did he…
Riddler: (speaking) Fine. You may be more intelligent than I give you credit for...but! I will still best you!

[Batman steps forward and Riddler shoots another shot in the air]

Riddler: Riddle #4! What goes up white and comes down yellow and white?
Batman: ...comes down…
Riddler: Tick-tock-tick-
Batman: An egg.
???: Did somebody say eggs!

[Egghead walks out of a door behind Riddler]

Riddler: Yes I asked him one about eggs. Now get back there before I crack you!
Egghead: Don’t crack me!

[Egghead runs back through the doors] and Riddler shoots at his feet]

Batman: One bullet left Riddler.
Riddler: ...All part of the plan! To think that you were so close … Riddle #5! “What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?”
Batman: The letter E.

[Riddler looks blankly at his gun and shoots it in the air]

Riddler: It’s not probable...It’s not possible...You...You cheated! Well if you’re gonna play dirty then so am I!

[Riddler drops his gun and pulls another out of his coat]

Riddler: I am the smartest man alive!

[Batman kicks the original bullet that Riddler dropped straight between his eyes knocking him over]

Riddler: How dare you!

[Batman runs up to Zodiac and with one punch knocks him unconscious. Then he picks up Riddler whose bleeding from the nose]

Riddler: You lying, cheating, scoundrel!
Batman: I didn’t cheat.
Riddler: There’s no other explanation!
Batman: No, no there is...you’re ego is tremendous and you underestimated me.
Riddler: NO! I will not stand for this! I will not-

[Batman head butts Riddler knocking him out]

Batman: You talk too much.

[Batman handcuffs Riddler and Zodiac and he begins too continue to search for the Joker, but is interrupted by the doors slamming open behind him]

???: There he is!

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Photo taken on 25 August 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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