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Batman Year Three: Part 3 "Robin's Rage"

Batman Year Three: Part 3

========Arkham Asylum : Southern Wing “Hallway D”========

[Robin lifts his head up in rage]

Robin: He doesn’t think we can handle it.
Batgirl: Did you miss the entirety of what he just said? He just ope-
Robin: He still thinks I’m the little kid. Well I’m not! I’m not the fucking little 16 year old boy he brought home with him one afternoon, because he was lonely. And if he thinks that I’m going to stand by idly and just...let this place go to shit...he’s got another thing coming.
Batgirl: Dick! Would you listen to yourself!
Robin: What makes this different than anything else we’ve done before? You know why? It’s because he’s not in control. He always needs to be in control.
Batgirl: Dick…
Robin: I’m gonna go stop an inmate...from doing something.

[Robin walks off, but is stopped by Batgirl]

Batgirl: No. You’re gonna stand right here and calm your ass down edgelord.
Robin: I’m not an edgelord… I’m just tired of him controlling me.
Batgirl: … I do … understand what you mean. He can be a little controlling.
Robin: A little? I haven’t been out on my own in like two years...and he didn’t even allow it.

[The duo walk in the opposite way that Batman went and approach some double doors, but stop in their tracks when they swing open and an inmate runs out]

Inmate: Fuck, fuck, fuck! You guys gotta run! We pissed em’ off one to many times!
Robin: Calm down, and stop playing the pronoun game! Who are you talking about?

[Another inmate runs out of the door, but gets frozen in place]

Inmate: Lenny!
Batgirl: Wait, I’ve heard that girly scream before...Kite Man?
Kite Man: Oh no! You’re the two that arrested me!
Batgirl: Technically speaking-

[Another blast of the Freeze Ray shoots past them]

Mr. Freeze: (from the other room getting closer) You’ll regret those words Brown!
Kite Man: We gotta run guys!
Batgirl: Guys?
Robin: No. We’re stopping him now!
Batgirl: Excuse me?

[Robin runs through the doors at top speed, kicks the side of a lunch table causing it to flip on its side, and takes cover behind it narrowly dodging another freeze blast which hits the table]

Mr. Freeze: I don’t know who you are kid. But this is none of your-

[Robin throws a batarang to one side of the table which Freese shoots at instinctively, providing an opening for Robin, who runs up and punches Freeze.]

Mr. Freeze: Gah!

[Mr. Freeze stumbles back, but soon recovers and shoots Robin in the chest knocking him over]

Batgirl: Robin!

[Mr. Freeze looks at the door and shoots at it]

Mr. Freeze: Brown! Stop hiding behind these children and face your punishment!

[Mr. Freeze begins to approach the door]

Robin: I’m- not- a CHILD!

[Robin leaps back onto his feet and throws a batarang square into Freeze’s lower arm and kicks him in his side]

Mr. Freeze: I thought I warned you!

[Mr. Freeze presses a button on his gauntlet and it begins to emit some form of mist which gradually covers up everything in the cafeteria finishing with the blood red goggles of Freeze]

Mr. Freeze: (walking around Dick) You’re that little prick who stopped me from killing Batman? Are you the Batman’s little pet?
Robin: I’m not-

[Mr. Freeze punches Dick on the side of his head.]

Mr. Freeze: Pardon? I didn’t hear you.
Robin: I’m not Batman’s pet. I’m his partner.
Mr. Freeze: What could a child like you possibly provide him?
Robin: ...More than you know.
Mr. Freeze: Really now? I’ll give you credit for how well you fought, but

[Freeze punches Robin again]

Mr. Freeze: Now you’re just so disappointing.
Robin: Disappointing? I kicked your ass.
Mr. Freeze: Intriguing. It seems like I’m kicking yours now. I guess that wasn’t a part of the Batman sidekick package.
Robin: Enough about Batman!

[Using the sound of Freeze’s voice Robin throws his cape around his head and jumps on him, knocking him down]

Robin: I’m tired of everything being about Batman!

[Robin continually punches Freeze, but Freeze eventually shoots Robin off of his chest.]

Mr. Freeze: You fool!

[Mr. Freeze rips Robin’s cape off of his bloody face]

Mr. Freeze: I don’t care what you are! You’re just in my way!

[Mr. Freeze shoots at Robin who slides under it, runs underneath his arm and breaks it]

Mr. Freeze: Agh!

[Robin uppercuts Freeze in the chin who lands on the ground, out cold]

Robin: (panting) I did it…

[Robin stands up and looks down at Freeze]

Batgirl: You, idiot!
Robin: Babs are you-

[Batgirl slaps Robin]

Batgirl: You could have died you fucking idiot! You could have-

[Batgirl pulls Robin in and kisses him. (And Kite Man covers his eyes)]

Robin: Woah.
Batgirl: Never. And I mean never, scare me like that ever again!
Robin: Of course.
Batgirl: Lyings bad you know.
Kite Man: I’m just gonna…
Robin: No, no, no. You’re staying with us.
Kite Man: I...I am?
Robin: Yeah. You know Arkham better than both of us.
Kite Man: Ummm okay.
Batgirl: You realize he could betray us...right?
Robin: I don’t think that’ll be an issue

[Robin pulls out a batarang]

Robin: Will it?
Kite Man: N-no sir!
Robin: Don’t have to call me sir.

[Robin looks down at his ripped cape]

Batgirl: Darn...we’ll have to get you another one I guess.
Robin: I think I fight better without it actually.
Batgirl: Whatever you say boy wonder.
Kite Man: Hey guys...Can I make a request?

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Photo taken on 25 August 2018 (© -InsomniCat- / Flickr)

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