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And again he got a new nose

And again he got a new nose

Thanks to some great work by Dennis.P aka TECHNO, BigDaedy and Joep Klazen aka Dutchtrains I got excited to revisit my Traxx AC2 in NS Hispeed Fyra livery again. My major problem was always it didn't look "right", but thanks to now using both cheese- and roof slopes, plus the awesome idea of Dennis.P to use 1x1 round bricks with hole for the lights, I think I'm quite close to where I want to be.

The intention is to build this one the same way as my E2-B (which is finished, I just need to make a second copy, motorize it and make pictures...), meaning in little sprints and "good enough" practice. Even though knowing my history with the Traxx (and the great models by the other builders) the chances of finishing this thing any way other than perfect in my own eyes might be small ;)

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Photo taken on 7 March 2019 (© raised / Flickr)

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