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Morning Sunlight Across the Little Missouri River (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Looking Across Utah Landscape to Bridger Jack Mesa (Bears Ears National Monument) Sandstone Columns, Pillars and Knobs Scattered Across the Rocky Landscape of Canyonlands National Park Layers of Colors Across a Badlands Landscape Stretching As Far As the Eye Could See (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park) It Was Time to Pull out that Wide Angle Lens in My Backpack (Canyonlands National Park) Looking Through The Keyhole and Beyond to Mesas off in the Distance (Black & White, Canyonlands National Park) Blue Skies with Clouds and Badlands in a Late Afternoon Light (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Eroded Pedestal Formations (South Unit) Yellow Mounds and Badlands (Badlands National Park) The Moon and a Sandstone Rock Column (Black & White, Canyonlands National Park) Sunlight and Shadows Across Badlands (Badlands National Park) Badlands Rising Tall Amongst the Prairie Grasses (Badlands National Park) My Travel Paintings - Manti-La Sal National Forest and Mountains View Beyond of the Colorado River and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area The Grand Wash and a Gorge View (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park) Stretching on for Miles and Miles (Capitol Reef National Park) Shadows Cast Across the Grand Wash in Capitol Reef National Park Sometimes When One Looks Back, One Catches an Amazing View (Capitol Reef National Park) A Changing Landscape Seen While Hiking in Capitol Reef National Park Evergreens and Red Dirt (Capitol Reef National Park) The Organ and Tower of Babel Caught in the Golden Light of the Morning Sun (Arches National Park) Life on the High Desert Utah in the Presence of the La Sal Mountains The Moon and the Entrance to Park Avenue (Arches National Park) An Angled Capture of Tonal Contrasts (Black & White, Arches National Park) A Perspective of Height Towering Cliff Walls Seen While Driving Along Utah State Route 24 (Capitol Reef National Park) Coming Up to Slick Rock Canyon Wall (Canyonlands National Park) A View that Seemingly Stretched on to the Horizon on a Hike in Canyonlands National Park The Moon Over a Distant Ridge Just Outside Torrey, Utah A Lone Yellow Tree in Canyon Below (Capitol Reef National Park)
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