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Kilauea Iki's 1959 fire fountain eruption, 1600-1900 feet high, made the cover of National Geographic, Life and countless other popular magazines.

The trail has been closed with the recent eruptions, but I highly recommend it once the Park Service says its safe.

Here's a Park Service film about the 1959 eruption and outflow to the ocean:

And a recent park service photo from this same overlook:

I hiked this trail in early 1990s - 93, 94? with Ted. We started by going down a long stair cut into the crater wall well off to the left, then followed the light-colored trail visible in the lower part of this frame.

The frozen lave lake surface is heaved and fissured, and steam and sulfur gas come out in various places. It looks all together like a freeway or shopping mall parking lot shed its skin. We walked from outside the left edge of this photo, through the gap on the right of this frame and behind the wall in the right hand frame, #0558, on the right

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Photo taken on 16 March 2019 (© wbaiv / Flickr)

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