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Lava Field Sunrise 23052015-DSCF9689 Mount Etna Jerry's Birthday 2009 Columnar-jointed komatiite lava flow (Upper Komatiitic Unit, Kidd-Munro Assemblage, Neoarchean, 2.711-2.717 Ga; southwest of the Potter Mine, east of Timmins, Ontario, Canada) 7 Iceland ~ Landmannalaugar Route ~  Ultramarathon is held on the route each July ~ Hiking from Camp Suðurland, Iceland’s southern region - Tall Narrow Waterfalls  - Highway 1 Ring Road Fire in the Night Sky Ettringer Lay Alone Bolivia - Vulcano National Parc a0359_road_s_aaDSC_0359 (2) a0557_Kilauea_Iki_Left_aDSC_0557 Chain Of Craters Rd Kilauea Ted FirstCrack DSC_0600 Kilauea caldera floor slump, see the fragment of the old road? DSC_0616 Offshore panorama coastline off Pololu Valley, Kohala Forest Reserve DSC_0021 and _0022 Bolivia - Vulcano National Parc Looking out AirRoots DSC_0836 Onomea Bay penninsula / island, Hilo side of Big Island DSC_0839 0902_Akaka_Falls_2Rainbows_aDSC_0902 Akaka Falls, Hilo side, Big Island Hawaii DSC_0905 0922_Akaka_falls_jungle_texture_aDSC_0922 Hāpuʻu (Cibotium menziesii) Akaka Falls Park DSC_0925 Endangered 'OHI'A In Blue Sky, near Akaka Falls Park, Big Island, Hawaii DSC_0927 Pioneer flowers on old lava Ilhéu Mole near Proto Moniz, Madeira Bolivia - Vulcano National Parc Bolivia - Vulcano National Parc Bolivia - Vulcano National Parc
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