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Fourth Annual Latin America Clean Transport Forum

Fourth Annual Latin America Clean Transport Forum

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has grown rapidly in recent years, with global sales of electric cars, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles steadily rising. Latin America has witnessed important developments in electric mobility, and cities like São Paulo and Santiago boast hundreds of EVs. Many countries also committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector under the Paris climate accord and have started to introduce laws and regulations with specific incentives for electric vehicles, such as Argentina’s presidential decree slashing import duties on EVs. In the longer term, to decarbonize the transport sector and combat local air pollution, Latin America will need to vastly expand EVs, while promoting renewable power and non-motorized forms of transportation.

To raise awareness about this critical clean technology, provide networking and collaboration opportunities for stakeholders in the EV ecosystem, and share lessons learned across the region, each year the Inter-American Dialogue hosts the Latin America Clean Transport Forum. Past forums have gathered hundreds of policymakers, corporate executives and civil society representatives in Mexico City, Bogotá and San José.

In Buenos Aires, the Fourth Annual Latin America Clean Transport Forum provided a platform for policymakers, corporate executives, and civil society representatives to discuss how the right policies can accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles in Argentina and the rest of the world.


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Photo taken on 26 September 2018 (© InterAmericanDialogue / Flickr)

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