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BBC Debate - World Economic Forum on Latin America 2009 Finca Cafetalera 2 Santos at night 1 Santos at night NORWEGIAN PEARL- my vacation home for two weeks with the promise to explore the Caribbean @ Ocho Rios NORWEGIAN PEARL -Waiting for the return of the land excursionists - docked at Ocho Rios harbour Jamaica - Ocho Rios:  swirls in the harbor basin Jamaica - Ocho Rios: the bay In the Dark Jungle  @ Jamaica -  Ocho Rios Jamaica -  Ocho Rios:  wonderful caribbean Beach @ Dunn's River Waterfall 7 Monte Serrat 9 Monte Serrat 5 Monte Serrat 4 Monte Serrat IMG_1092 Cycle Tour of Chile & Argentina - En-route from Confluencia to San Carlos de Bariloche.  A bend in the river, about 10 - 12 miles from Confluencia. Bahía de Acapulco por la noche IMG_6529 IMG_6435 Cycle Tour of Chile & Argentina - Museum with totem poles outside in Temuco Museo del Templo Mayor MX076S10 World Bank Angel de La Independencia Machu-Picchu scene Watering the salt No worries, this time we're marching for fun. Gold Andi Paladar Bella Mar 1er mai 2019
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