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Cape Cod Cod DucKsinthewindow Tree Top Magellanic Clouds at Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia At the end of the Canal Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary - Martha's Vineyard Cape Cod Museum of Natural History R Hawk Feather Caution - Work Zone Shrine of the Great Pumpkin Milky Way at Elephant Cove - Denmark, Western Australia Hurry - supplies are limited... 33 Large Magellanic Cloud - Quairading, Western Australia Nuts Cape Cod Central Railroad Johm H Chaffe Sheriff Woody Large Magellanic Cloud at Herron Point, Western Australia On the Dock of the Bay Sandy Neck Park Fence Sunset at the top of Haleakala  National Park Long-tailed skipper in zinnias - yesterday  (Urbanus proteus) Large Magellanic Cloud - Quairading, Western Australia Autumn in the Berkshires Waiting for Julia an October Long-tailed skipper in lantana Tiverton
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