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Our Honeymoon - Filmed & edited on iPhone 6

Our Honeymoon - Filmed & edited on iPhone 6

Our wedding was on the 11 of April 2015.

We hadn't really planned a honeymoon, as we had already planned on a big overseas holiday later in the year, but we decided a week before the wedding to get away for a few nights.

We spent two nights at Shearwater 'Sunset' Cottage in Cape Otway, where we visited the Otway Fly Forest Tour, the Cape Otway Lighthouse, Beauchamp Falls and the nearby Redwood Forest. We spent some time in and around Apollo Bay, but really just for buying food and fuel.

We then spend two nights in Warrnambool, which is a place we wanted to revisit after stopping there briefly about 5 years ago. We stayed at the Flagstaff Hill lodge, which is located at the Maritime Village.

Warrnambool is a lovely city and i could easily live there. Very clean with great shopping and restaurants. I highly recommend the Pavilion Cafe for breakfast, which is located on the Foreshore Promenade. Great food, very fast service and a great view of the ocean. The LieBig restaurant is amazing, with a great range of japanese inspired vegetarian dishes. The Brown Rice Thai restaurant is also very good.

Overall the trip was fantastic and apart from almost t-boning a car that ran through an intersection on the way down to Geelong, it was trouble free and very relaxing.

This video was filmed and edited entirely on my iPhone 6, using the standard camera app and iMovie. It's my first try at creating a video such as this and my first time using iMovie. For future projects, i hope to have an electronic gimbal for more stable footage, but overall im very impressed with what the iPhone 6 is capable of.

Music is 'Salt of the Sea' by The Gentleman Losers .

For photos of our honeymoon, all taken and edited on my iPhone 6, check out my Flickr album here:


I did take my Sigma SD1 DLSR with me, but i only took it out once before quickly returning to the iPhone, as it was so much more flexible and generally had more to offer in most situations.

Its an amazing phone with an incredible camera and i look forward to future iphone models.

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Photo taken on 24 April 2015 (© Larry.Ellis / Flickr)

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