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San ISIDRO 2019 Zeitraffer am morgendlichen Simssee Alley Way LA - Photo by John Bata 2011 Strange Days In LA - Photo by John Bata 2011 Freezing mush Crystal freez Diggersaurs 10KM in 2 Minutes Snowstorm time lapse of high school graduation Rock Creek snow #2 Jewel Geyser time lapse (15 June 2018) The Colors and Motion of a High Desert Sunset. Pink Cone Geyser eruption time lapse (morning, 4 August 2018) Orion steigt im Osten empor Astoria Bridge Saint_Cirq_Lapopie old house small alley Man on a Balcony Le Club, form and content in harmony Human Habitats Human Habitats Human Habitats elderly woman with dog Cafe de la Poste and a Human Habitats ivy_building_01_8770430177_o Métro parisien ligne 6 Automne à Paris Moonrise
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 time, timelapse, night, video, exposure, clouds, long, canon, nikon, sky
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