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Pussy and her pray...(prey) Thats a grand head of hair sir... Shine a light theres not a bulb in sight! Stone age photography O'Connell monument, Genoa not Geneva. The Tomb of the Liberator Siemens Dynamos for extra power... The Black Cave or the black hole/ Steeping Flax for Irish Linen Drawing (allegedly), unidentified building (definitely). Boys will be boys. High and dry on a rocky shore. Window with possible baptismal font to fore. The ruins of the manor slowly decay... Old Mill running lime. The perfect house for the holliers? Groves Hello, Sailors! Woman standing beside large stone/dolmen Belfast: 'Evolution of Lighting: Ireland'. Gas Works, mechanical stoker and drawer Boys Town! Looking towards the Post Office building in Bourbong Street, Bundaberg, Queensland, ca. 1910 Man and young boy standing in front of a fruitbearing pawpaw tree, Yeppoon, Queensland, ca. 1910 Man seated on plough pulled by three horses, Bundaberg region, Queensland, ca. 1910 Crowds of people disembarking from a steam train, Queensland, ca. 1910 Large crowds in attendance at the main arena at the Exhibition grounds, Brisbane, Queensland, ca. 1910 Large group of people standing amongst garden beds, Queensland, ca. 1910 Man standing outside stone building with a thatched roof, Central Queensland, ca. 1910 Man walking across an unsealed road in the main street of a town, Queensland, ca. 1910 Men and children standing next to a tractor and large trailer with full sacks, Miriam Vale, Queensland, ca. 1910
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