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Pavey Ark from Stickle Tarn Pike o'Stickle Langdale Pikes from Crinkle Crags Langdale Pikes from Elterwater Langdale Pikes from Wrynose Pass Langdale Pikes, from Wrynose Langdale Pikes from Elterwater Pavey Ark HDR Langdale Pikes, Great Langdale Camping May 2 View from Stickle Breast Stickle Tarn from Pavey Ark Side pike from Pavey Ark Down the valley from harrison Stickle Pavey Ark showing Jack's Rake View from Pavey Ark Langdale Pikes Langdale Pikes viewed from Scafell Pike ascent Harrison Stickle as viewed from Pike O'Stickle The Langdale Pikes Sheepy Last valley shot Right, time to go down Another valley shot Valley shot Over the moors Group photo Andrew Me! Dave
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