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That's me on Harrison Stickle that is Harrison Stickle's summit Another blasted cairn photograph Stepping stones over the mud Onwards to Harrison Stickle Myself on Pike O'Stickle Pike O'Stickle On Loft Crag Loft Crag Last push to the top of Loft Crag! Cairn near the summit of Loft Crag Is it a cairn or just a big pile of stones? Thorn Crag Lingmoor Fell and Pike o'Blisco Panoramic Langdale looking big Looking towards Mickleden Langdale down below Our Own Reflections Sam in the carrier Bye bye Langdale Pikes New Dungeon Ghyll and Sticklebarn Langdale Langdale Pikes Fire And Water Of Langdale Lonely Mountain Langdale Valley Tarn Hows Looking Back Millbeck Farm II Millbeck Farm I
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