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The Langdale Pikes Elterwater The Light of the Pikes Langdale Pikes Pike o' Stickle manipulated Crows over the Langdales Pike o' Stickle Lakeshore Meditation Nature's Playground Sudden Revelation Approaching New Dungeon Ghyll Harrison Stickle Stickle Tarn panoramic Pavey Ark Stickle Tarn Crossing Bright Beck Found a proper path then If there's a path down here, I couldn't find it Well made cairn Sheep on Thunacar Knott On Pavey Ark Pavey Ark Panoramic Pavey Ark's cairn On top of Harrison Stickle That's me on Harrison Stickle that is Harrison Stickle's summit Another blasted cairn photograph Stepping stones over the mud Onwards to Harrison Stickle Myself on Pike O'Stickle
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