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Closer view of a pack of Shika Senbei- deer crackers Todai-ji temple Daibutsuden main hall- don't you love those Viking helmet like horns? This poor lady had to pull out as her rear end wouldn't fit! The official lovingly caresses a bottle of Sake before pouring it out The official explains about the different types of Sake For ¥ 500 you can taste five types of fresh Sake I was tempted to go for a third round but restrained myself! The Sake was so fresh that I paid another ¥ 500 and went for a second round Curry restaurant- the nice lady suddenly shifted her position unfortunately I also found a perfect kimono top for my niece here The free Sika ranging deer are completely unmindful of humans Texting girls- thank goodness they alerted me to my stop- Sake at work! Crawl through the hole in the pillar for good luck! One of the deer got aggressive and grabbed the entire bunch from my hand Raising both hands is supposed to turn them off, I seem to have raised only one I am no match for a bunch of pushy Sika deer One of the deer seems to think I still have some Shika- senbei (deer crackers) left Phew! Having got at the Shika- senbei (deer crackers), the ungulates move on This lady promised to take my selfie once she was done with her group The Sika deer are absolutely tame Got enough? Can I move on now- the deer seems to be asking me The good lady took several selfies of me The good lady took this selfie though she composed it at an angle The bright sunlight through the temple entrance rendered me ghostly white Another view of the world's largest indoor seated Buddha at Todai- ji A relatively peaceful looking bodhisatava near the exit of the Todai-ji temple What I assume is a model of a Samurai warrior in the Todai-ji temple A live radio station behind a large glass panel The friendly radio station staff waved to me and were all smiles! You get to keep the shot glass after tasting your Sake
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