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Early Pullman style sleeping car used by the Imperial family The Philosophers Walk is about 2km long and runs along a canal (Representative image) I spotted a pair of geisha for the first time from the bus (Representative image) This is probably what a geisha dance performance would look like Japan's first large electric locomotive- don't you simply love that balcony? And the passing Shinkansen is just a blur! You hardly hear anything inside the train though Literally flying through the suburbs of Tokyo I was enjoying the rhythm of the steam locomotive Brief video of a street musician playing the Hang or Handpan drum At this point I really wished that elderly Brit would shut up and let me listen to the beat of the steam locomotive An owl cafe near Fushimi Inari- Japan abounds in animal cafes And the usual adult DVD parlour near Fushimi Inari Ticket counters for my Shinkansen ride to Kyoto No, that's the next car, mine is still closed My seat is in car-6 which is still closed for cleaning Right side, window seat they said-  first glimpse of Mt.Fuji Mt. Fuji- I was apprehensive that this would be it The iPhone colours are better- should have shot it in landscape mode though My seat mate was amused at all my antics over Mt. Fuji! A more distant look at the Westernized traditional Japanese eatery in Pontocho alley That's me in one of the Kyoto city buses Peek a boo inside one of the more modern cafes on Pontocho I did buy oyster balls from this gentleman but don't remember tasting them For my main course I went for the Pontoyaki My first dish there was four types of cheese with crackers Enjoying my cheese and crackers in a semi- traditional cafe on Pontocho alley There is my Pontoyaki- kind of a veg patty with veg slices After a loud toot, the steam engine returns to base This nice gentleman was soliciting for customers- I later ate there
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