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My photo is in Wikipedia...:) (ديرالبحري) Ottoman architecture in Berbera Village life in Somaliland Colours at the goat market Goats and sheep off into the sand Fruit man Hargeisa market trader Somali houses near Borama Agricultural land on road to Borama Somali houses near Borama Flock of sheep Somali houses near Borama Somali houses near Borama Nomad with his camel on road to Borama Hargeisa in the early morning Camel on beach in Berbera Berbera girls with younger brother Berbera, main port of Somaliland Old boat in Berbera dry dock Ottoman architecture in Berbera 1930's architecture in Berbera Workers on the road to Berbera Landscape around Sheekh Along the road to Berbera Papaya grove on way to Berbera Guards on the beach in Berbera Pink Horse play Young Somalilander Two young Somalilanders
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