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A Single Candle Ethiopian Monk Book Jordan in Lalibela Bet Amanuel, Lalibela Lalibela church interior Lalibela; priest in front of the holy of holies In Bet Amanuel Lalibela church interior Sunday best Sunday best 2 Lalibela church interior Mother and child Lalibela, church interior Valley behind Bet Mercurios Walking the valley in Lalibela Three women at Lalibela Up and down Lock Bet Abba Libanos Bet Abba Libanos, Lalibela Bet Abba Libanos Bet Abba Libanos Pilgrims outside Bet Abba Libanos Bet Abba Libanos The climb up to Bet Abba Libanos Graveyard in Lalibela Walking stick stall, Lalibela Icon stall, lalibela Crosses, Lalibela Market street, Lalibela
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