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Quick, make a wish! Who would like to join? It's safe, as long as you don't stay downwind The wild wild rocket camp It's OK, just don't stay downwind Alvord Desert Panorama Speeding above ground Resting after the race Approaching a sandstorm on the playa Tension is in the air - the 2 stage rocket is getting armed Arriving at the desert camp Eden Muse At Burning Man Final preparation of Warped Reality Waiting for the train that never came Untitled Lone tree, Lake George NSW Sandstorm aheaaaad! Cobblestones on the racetrack playa Race across the playa in a cold windy night A tent, a motorcycle, and a sunset on the playa Just a father and a son chilling on a couch in the desert Chilling in the desert 12 Minutes II 12 Minutes I Willow River State Park Willow River State Park St. James's Park Willow River State Park Baird's Sandpiper Willow River State Park
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 dry, desert, california, playa, lake, racetrack, deathvalley, rock, tree, valley
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