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Lac Assal, Djibouti Salt caravan, Lac Assal, Djibouti Lac Assal, Afar country Camel and driver Black volcanic in Danakil Danakil Red canyon, Danakil, Djibouti Great Rift Valley Escarpment Dry river bed, Djibouti Horseed boy Afar blue Qat on lips Faisal with mate Afar yellow Moving salt over Lac Assal Afar man Beach and islands, Bay of Goudouk View across Bay of Goudouk Hot springs, Lac Assal Hot springs, Lac Assal Fred, Lac Assal Afar house Afar salt caravan, Lac Assal View across volcanic rock to Gulf of Goudouk 'Richard Limo' - BEWARE - this man is a dangerous conman Afar salt caravan, Lac Assal Skating on Lac Assal
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