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Poor People's Campaign DC 2018

Poor People's Campaign DC 2018

Washington DC, June 23, 2018. Thousands of people from all over America gathered on the Mall for a Rally and March to The Capitol. Lead by Reverend Barber, The Poor People's Campaign Moral Revival echoes the Poor People's Campaign of the '60's lead by Dr. Martin Luther King. The movement grew out of Barber's Moral Monday Marches in North Carolina. It's a big tent movement taking on many human rights and justice issues: poverty, health care, voter suppression, the environment, racism, living wage, labor unions, immigration, mass incarceration, militarism. Like the original Poor People's Campaign it doesn't seem to get the interest and media coverage it deserves. Looking at my newspaper this morning I didn't see anything about it.

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Photo taken on 23 June 2018 (© Susan Melkisethian / Flickr)

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