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Wibbly Wobbley Viney Winey

Wibbly Wobbley Viney Winey

On the hunt for EVER NEW EVER UPWARDS DON'T LOOK BACK AT all the bridges you've burnt and lives you've destroyed and blah blah blah one of the many things I check for is new tattoos on MP. Like every other week. It's been a while because the vainpyre isn't as flush with lindens as he has been in the past but I did very happily find a store I hadn't ever been to named Abstraktion. I'm positive these are all original hand drawn work and I love them.


I bought a couple of Naia Shippe's tattoos but this one in particular "SaTF" was right bonkers in the best way and I had to photograph it. Even though I'll be wearing it forever from now most likely.

For me that's a good three days before my fruit fly attention span leads me down another garden path.

Finally, this pic dedicated to my much older twin. Yes that's a vampire/witch thing.


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Photo taken on 18 December 2018 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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