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Snow Ghost

Snow Ghost

Starring the Elayna skirt* from Artificial Hallucination and the Starfall eyes from Gloom at ROMP - yes this is my quarterly ROMP post; if you've been following me for a bit you know how much I love it etc etc.

I'm also featuring the Ootakemaru Demon Arms* by Ghoul at Equal10 - which by now is absolutely my other favourite shopping event. You get the best things there guys, go look if you haven't ever been.

This is mostly raw with a slight tweak of the light - the snow effect is Satomi's Ice Cream windlight setting paired with Lassie's Clearwater using a poseball rezzed on top oh the water so my latex doesn't drag me under the waves. I don't believe I can walk on water.


Oh yeah - I bought this majestic skirt in the fatpack so don't think you're getting away with just the one picture from me in it. Y'all are lucky too that I'm not wearing a bridal veil in this one. Believe me, I was tempted!

*These items both come in a Belleza Jake fit

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Photo taken on 13 May 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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