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Finally got the chance to take a picture using the Hamis cape from FAKEICON at N21. When Titzuki posted this on FB it elicited from me first a dropped jaw then a breathless "....ohmygod..."

It comes in three colours with this clear and two holographic shades, as well as decals you can add on to the plastic. I wanted to show it simply, and I'm doing it with the Oly top and Jai pants from Two-Sided. The backdrop is The Workshop from Foxcity which I was fast enough to snap up for 75l in the Saturday Sale this week. Headpiece is Yuri from Bauhaus Movement.

This pic is raw from SL except a crop and a whole heap of swearing at the sim restart right when I started snapping - I still can't believe I got what I wanted in 300 seconds!

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Photo taken on 8 May 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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