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Now and Then Challenge 2009 - 2019

Now and Then Challenge 2009 - 2019

Yeah okay Strawberry called it the "Then and Now" challenge but my left side is my best side so nobody tells me what to do least of all Berry.


Challenge details here, you should take part too!

The 2009 is painful, isn't it? The elder picture is the very first one I took for my long defunct blog In Cold Blood close to ten years ago. I had been blogging for Rezzable when I was their PR - hey who remembers them! Greenies, Black Swan, all that? - before this but was eventually persuaded by friends to foist my untamed attempts at being unique on the greater public.

I've spent a lot of time reminiscing over it and cleaning out the worst of the cringe as as you tend to do when Flickr locks your uploads when it's a new year but I'm going to leave that one intact. I still love this Vampire coat from Amerie's and I found today that it's survived all of my purges to date, so when baked on mesh is a real thing you had better believe I'll be wearing it again.

I deliberately kept to the same general colour scheme and vampy theme for my 2019 outfit. Generally flat lighting and background to match the older one. Fangs eventually receded back behind the lips; believe me there was a very good reason they were out and proud for the first few years. That reason being to prove Tenshi Vielle wrong.* White hair and pale eyes have remained static over the 11 years I've been on Winter except for that one tantrum I threw about 7 years ago when I dyed my hair pink and shaved off my brows for a good six months.

Don't go looking for that please. Just... don't.

*AHAHAHAH it worked too so suck it Vielle

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Photo taken on 7 January 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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