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For the Madame

For the Madame

My friend Vaki Zenovka - often referred to on my pics as "Madame Law*" - is a champion of the unboxed, aficionado of blurred edges and purveyor of all things non binary. She's been away from SL for a good year and a bit but recently returned and demanded to know what was new.

I was delighted to show her just how far things have progressed in male fashion over the time she's been away. Creators like Boys to the Bone, FakeIcon, Cubura, CheerNo, Riot and Artificial Hallucination creating items fitted to the guys as well as the women, even entire events springing up to celebrate humans who had been otherwise left to fall between the cracks. I'm wearing the Fan Slip dress by BTTB in this one and I love it.

Vaki, this picture is for you. I know I missed the one you made for me, and you didn't get to see last year's until 11 months after your birthday, but THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. Just get over your pneumonia soon, okay? The zombies miss you.

*Okay she recently got promoted by me and I now call her "Mistress Law" but that's because she is terrifyingly good at what she does at work. You can see her flickr stream HERE

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Photo taken on 24 March 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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