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Cheap Frills

Cheap Frills

Continuing my recent adventures to squeeze my male body into traditionally-considered-female clothing like I used to in the pre-mesh past... hey how cool is this latex dress? You know what's the best bit? It's from a fetish store named [D'eVil] and everything is free.

[D'eVil] on marketplace
[D'eVil] inworld

The creator Dariana Violet states in her profile "I have nothing to sell, just to give away. Why? Having someone smile, is the greatest in the world." She absolutely made me smile when I realised that with some careful shaping and artful layering I could shimmy into this Maitreya rigged Sui skirt and corset.

I've paired it up with the Crop Fur jacket and collar from Abrasive which is a gacha at Lootbox right now, along with the Floral Madness tattoo from Queen of Ink - I've had this a while but its pretty hard to beat. The backdrop is named The Eye of the Storm and its by HK Designs at The Men Jail for the current round. Manil nails by FakeIcon - yes again, shut up I love them - hoops from Erratic, torn nylons from Suicidal Unborn and piercings from Blaxium.

I'm sure y'all getting bored with the borderline thing, but I think I've got a few more posts left in me yet.


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Photo taken on 11 April 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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